Childhood is the most important stage of dental life. It sets the foundation for good oral habits and long-term dental health.

At Oceania Dental, we believe in preventative dental check-ups and treatments and encourage parents to bring their children as early as six months. Our children’s dentist in Burnie will welcome your child and make sure they have a positive first experience.

Our Children Dentistry Services in Burnie

During the initial visit, we will help your child become familiar with our team members, facility, and the general experience of having a dental check-up. We want to make children feel safe and secure and won’t start any treatment until your little one is ready.

You can count on Oceania Dental for the following services for children:

First Time Visit

The first visit is difficult for most parents. Before the visit, we encourage parents to prepare their children by reading a dental book for children or role-playing to get them excited.

Our children’s dentist in Burnie will keep the first visit as simple as possible. The visit includes counting the teeth and ensuring they are all in good condition.

Dental Emergency For Children

At Oceania Dental, we take children’s emergencies seriously. Whether your child has a broken tooth, feels severe toothache and pressure, or has loose fillings, we can handle any situation.

Children Orthodontics

For any patient, it is essential to get an early orthodontic check-up, and children are not an exception. When we diagnose problems on time, we can suggest an immediate solution that will result in better and more effective results.

Talk to our children’s dentist in Burnie today at (03) 6449 2000 if you have any concerns or questions about your child’s oral health.


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