When your teeth get infected due to trauma, accident, or decay, root canal treatment may be the best solution.

At Oceania Dental, we remove the infected pulp from your teeth and carefully clean the area. We then fill and seal the canals with a special material to protect the teeth and avoid common oral diseases.

Why Patients Require a Root Canal TREATMENT in Burnie

There are various reasons for needing a root canal treatment:

  • Restorative work
  • Sensitivity
  • Nerve damage

When the nerve dies, a root canal can prevent inflammation from spreading. The root canal eliminates the need to remove the teeth and our dentists will make sure that you have a pain free root canal treatment experience.

Why Is Oceania Dental The Go-To Clinic for Root Canal treatment in Burnie?

At Oceania Dental, we use the latest anesthetic techniques and top-of-the-line technology to ensure a comfortable treatment. Our dentists in Burnie will examine and clean your teeth to determine if a root canal is the best therapy for your teeth. You can be confident that we will restore your beautiful smile.

Root canal treatment lasts for 60 minutes, and it:

  • Stops the spread of infection to other teeth
  • Has appealing results
  • Prevents the jawbone from degenerating

Our dentists don’t just provide personalised and comprehensive dental services; they work with you to ensure long-term oral health.

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